Swift Prospector 14 Pack - Basalt Innegra

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Model: Prospector 14 Pack
Color: Basalt Innegra
Laminate: Kevlar Fusion
Trim: Black and Gold Carbon Kevlar Trim
Interior: Cherry
Options: Detachable Cherry Yoke

The Prospector 14 is one of our best selling solos because it is the quintessential multi-purpose solo boat. The Prospector 14 offers a high-volume hull with moderate width but ample tumblehome and features a high weight capacity for long distance trippers while still offering the performance and feel of a sleek high-efficiency design. Quick to turn and easy to control, you can take your Prospector 14 out for an afternoon of fishing or photography, or you can load it for days or weeks in the backcountry.

Ideal For; Larger Paddlers, Day Tripping, Multi Day Trips, Fishing, Easy Portaging, Dog Paddling (paddling with your dog!)

For questions regarding Swift purchases or to reserve this boat, please contact Kiegan: kiegan@saratogaoutdoors.com, 518-584-3500

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