Swift Pack 12.6 - Ruby/Champagne

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Model: Pack 12.6
Color: Ruby with Champagne Two Tone
Laminate: Kevlar Fusion
Trim: Black and Gold Carbon Kevlar Trim
Interior: Cherry
Options: Detachable Cherry Yoke

This lightweight recreational pack boat is remarkably quick for it’s length and with rounded chines carrying significant tumblehome.  The Pack 12.6 offers a calming stability under any conditions. With a lower profile suited to small and medium sized users, the paddling station blends comfort and function using forward thinking design. Paddling motion is unrestricted by means of a moderate 11″ centre depth and the 28″ maximum width is tucked just aft of the seat, allowing the paddler to cruise freely and comfortably. There is a deceptively large amount of interior volume, allowing you to pack your necessities with room to spare for longer days on the water.

Ideal For; Smaller Paddlers, Day Tripping, Cottage Paddling, Easy Portaging, Effortless Car Topping

For questions regarding Swift purchases or to reserve this boat, please contact Kiegan: kiegan@saratogaoutdoors.com, 518-584-3500

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