Swift Kiwassa 13.2 - Mango/Champagne

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Model: Kiwassa 13.2
Deck Color: Mango
Hull Color: Champagne
Laminate: Kevlar Fusion

Many kayakers looking for lightweight kayaks prefer shorter boats, but the available options lack the desired performance offered by a longer hull. The Kiwassa 13.2 is the ultimate compromise. Combining the agility of a short playboat with the glide of a sport touring boat, the Kiwassa 13.2 is limber and lively like a shorter boat, and smooth and strong like a larger boat.

Ideal For: Day Tripping, Overnight Trips, Easy Portaging, Effortless Car Topping

For questions regarding Swift purchases or to reserve this boat, please contact Kiegan: kiegan@saratogaoutdoors.com, 518-584-3500

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