Swift Keewaydin 16 Combi - Amber

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Model: Keewaydin 16 Combi
Color: Amber

Laminate: Kevlar Fusion
Trim: Black and Gold Carbon Kevlar Trim
Interior: Cherry
Options: Cherry Detachable Yoke, Cherry Detachable Solo Seat

The Keewaydin 16 Combi operates as lightweight tandem and solo tripping canoe, allowing you to alter your setup depending on your paddling needs. With a centre seat in the balance point for quick and efficient high-volume solo tripping, and with tandem canoe seats for trips with a partner, you can outfit your equipment to suit your trip. A detachable yoke for the balance point makes portaging quick and easy. For paddlers who enjoy solo tripping and require space and volume, or for tandem trippers who want to keep their options open, the Keewaydin 16 Combi offers the benefits of multiple boats in one efficient design.

Ideal For; Multi Day Canoe Tripping, Solo Tripping, Family Paddling, Easy Portaging

For questions regarding Swift purchases or to reserve this boat, please contact Kiegan: kiegan@saratogaoutdoors.com, 518-584-3500

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